More mapping

Screen cap modification of a Google Map
Portia's London

Still working on learning about Portia’s London, so I started a map (available here).

In Book 4 she makes her way out to a farm that has recently been burned to the ground. I need it to be in Sheep-farming land, so I picked Sussex county as a location where Southdown sheep grazed. Read more about Sussex county on Wikipedia here.

The Chalk Downlands (also called the South Downs) area seems to be decent farmland for sheep farming.

The Amberley railway station was built in 1923, so she could have taken a train from Victoria station in London to Amberley to get to the Coombs farmhouse. It would have taken about an hour to get there.

For the church in book 6, i’m thinking about All Hallows by the Tower

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

3 thoughts on “More mapping”

  1. South Downs, represent! My grandparents “cottage” is in Bury just a short distance away, and I remember doing some great hikes around there (several decades ago now… sigh). And Arundel castle is still one of my favourites.

      1. The Bignor Roman Villa is only a mile or two away from there too, and at least one of the large chalk hill men or maybe the horse too. But I guess there are cool ancient sites all around Britain. I think the last time I was out there would’ve been in 1998… Jason was there too at that time.

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