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1930 paris


In the 1930s there was a return to a more genteel, ladylike appearance. Budding rounded busts and waistline curves were seen and hair became softer and prettier as hair perms improved. Foreheads which had been hidden by cloche hats were revealed and adorned with small plate shaped hats. Clothes were feminine, sweet and tidy by day with a return to real glamour at night.

The French designer Madeleine Vionnet opened her own fashion house in 1912. She devised methods of bias cross cutting during the 1920s using a miniature model. She made popular the halter neck and the cowl neck.


The bias method has often been used to add a flirtatious and elegant quality to clothes. To make a piece of fabric hang and drape in sinuous folds and stretch over the round contours of the body, fabric pattern pieces can be cut not…

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Author: Angela Misri

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  1. You make my own researches seem tiny. I’m feeling guilty right now, and I’m continuosly asking myself: “why am I still here? I should research!”

    I love to do my own researches, but lately I’ve been so lazy that even wikipedia yells at me sometimes, trying to force me to hit any key. My books on ancient Rome lay there catching ashes, looking at me with grief.

    But even more than researching, I should go on with writing my novel. So many projects are rapidly turning in too many problems…

    My compliments, on this blog you’ve represented the true concept of a detailed research!

    1. Aw! I’m blushing here! I hope that the research comes to good, and that people don’t think its too much… I was actually feeling guilty yesterday thinking of all the authors BEFORE Wikipedia existed who spent days and hours in the library looking up this stuff. My first book, that I started to write in the late nineties was that experience for me, sitting in Rothmans looking for the supporting material I needed to write. Sometimes it seems too easy to be just googling, but thanks, your post makes me think that I’m doing the right thing!

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