Finally onto transcribing!

Cat jumping for joy
This is me transcribing!

I can honestly say that for the first time in this series, I am looking forward to the transcription and resulting edits in the process.

Why you ask?

Because writing Principessa has been really hard! I’m not whining, I swear, but I really struggled with this case book, and I think I know why:

  • I came up with a premise for the location and client without a clear idea about the crime.
  • The politics in Italy in the 1930s make the crime I finally DID choose really complicated to engineer.
  • The language barrier for Portia is another complication that I kept stepping around unsuccessfully.

That is why I was determined to give myself a deadline for finishing this story (as so many of you bloggers out there recommend) while I was on vacation. My thinking is that even if this doesn’t end up being a story I want to keep, at least if it is fully out of my head and on the computer, I can move on to the NEXT story.

Mission accomplished in terms of finishing up the hand-written story, now onto transcribing where hopefully I will be able to tie off some of the raggedy edges.

Do you guys have the same experience with needing to finish the first story before you start the next?

Or do you allow yourselves the sweet sneaky nip into that next fun storyline?

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

10 thoughts on “Finally onto transcribing!”

    1. It’s a really good rule, something my mom taught me as well, but I am often tempted by that fresh story that feels like it would be SO much easier to switch to! I’ve dealt with that by allowing myself to write down the premise of the new story (so I don’t later feel it was a missed and forgotten opportunity) and then marching right back to the story I have NOT finished.

      1. Eh, for me it’s not a rule that I ever intended to follow, it’s just I know myself well enough to know that once I lose the momentum of a project I can’t seem to recapture it. I have enough unfinished projects to, uh, make a really big pile of unfinished projects. Like, huge.

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