Character Profile: Dr. Gavin Whitaker

…and onto the mysterious but beguiling Dr. Whitaker next (for all the Character Profiles I’ve created so far, head here).

gregory3FULL NAME: Dr. Gavin Whitaker, former King’s College student, assistant Professor at Kings, County Coroner often used by Scotland Yard.

AGE: in 1929 he is 24-years-old, born in March 1905.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Brown eyes, 6’3″ tall, strongly built, lean, with sharp cheekbones and a naturally haughty expression.

LOCATION: London initially, and then, by the end of No Matter How Improbable, Austria and much of Europe.

EDUCATION: Scholarship student to King’s College where he excelled, and graduated at the top of his year.

PREFERENCES: Classic style, darker clothing, prefers champagne to wine, doesn’t drink beer, enjoys tea shops, drinks black coffee. Has personal interest in crimes involving poisons.

SOCIALLY: Orphaned since birth, Charles grew up never knowing his parents, and had to fight his way up the good chain, to the point that not only is he a highly respected professor in his field, but he has also made forays into the stock market that despite the depression going on around him and around the world, he has made a considerable amount of money for himself in 1930. In 1931 he is invited on a speaking tour of Austrian universities. In The Detective and the Spy, we are introduced to his fiance, a French spy named Amelie Blaise. He promptly throws her under the bus when confronted with their crimes and leaves her to be dealt with by MI5 and Scotland Yard.

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

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