Done writing CaseBook 8!

Mark Twain quote
Oh Mark Twain, you nailed it, Sir!

I don’t even have a working title for case book 8 (my next blog post will be a poll where I get your help again for naming it, like we did for Truth be Told ) but it’s done! Time to transcribe this puppy!

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

11 thoughts on “Done writing CaseBook 8!”

  1. Mark Twain’s statement is correct as long as the editor is worth his/her salt! I’ve had editors that made me look professional and the odd one who didn’t much care.

    1. That is too true. I have an amazing editor who went through my first manuscript with a fine tooth comb, so I am super lucky. Where did you find your editors?

      1. Good for you! I worked for an international daily racing news publication for 25 years and was required to write a 700-1000 word and a 350 word article each day. I had about four editors during that time. I also did a lot of free lance writing for magazines, several of them international and all sports related in one way or another. But I have never written a novel, If I did, I have a close friend who is a wonderful editor and an even better writer. I’d go to him if possible.

    1. Thanks Rami. There’s no real end. This is a series, and I kind of separate each mystery into a casebook. This is the 8th I’ve written. They’re about 40,000 words each.

      1. Hmm, that is a good question. I hope I’m NOT losing anything plot-wise.. I can’t explain, the longest one is probably 45k, but they just seem to wrap up at that point. I guess because in my head I’m emulating the original Conan Doyle format, and his canon of Holmes is mostly shorter cases that were then bundled up into books after his death. Originally they were released one case at a time in a magazine.

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