Working on a book trailer

Working on a book trailer

I’m playing around with creating a book trailer, and this is my story board. Note the highly refined stick figures ; )


  1. I’m still waiting for the custom muzak, but since I just hooked up with another e-book distributor, for the time being I thought I’d go ahead and release the video with a royalty-free soundtrack (see my trailer page).

    How’s your trailer coming along? Will you be posting a slideshow from the story board? I’m looking forward to seeing the artwork. What you have here on your blog is quite evocative.

  2. I’m working on my book trailer now. My book is out but the press release isn’t yet. I self-published and my publisher has been a big help but now I’m ready to do the leg work. My book is poetry. Next year, the novel! Love your storyboard!

    • The trailer? Well, here’s the thing, I created it in Popcorn and it turns out popcorn is not able to be embedded on a WordPress site. So, I think I will post a link within a blog post soon.

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