History of Harrods Department store

Fashion plate of 1909 shows upper class Londoners walking in front of Harrods Department Store (from Wikipedia)

I just added a scene wherein Annie and Portia are shopping at Christmas-time, 1931, and I needed to make sure Harrods of London actually existed back then. It did indeed, on Brompton Rd. in the Knightsbridge area near Hyde Park.
Phew! Love it when history supports my scribblings in the Moleskine!

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist http://angelamisri.com

4 thoughts on “History of Harrods Department store”

  1. My Irish Firebrands MCs also went to Harrods. (Love the period illustration, too. It falls within the early part of my current project’s time frame. Thanks for pointing us to it!)

    1. Good catch Christine, I did not do my due diligence on that one! Ok, so I cannot use the word Tosser since my books are based in the 1930s… hmm… I wonder what the equivalent would be at that time? Looking now!

      1. Have any luck finding another word? It’s my understanding that much early British slang derives from foreign words adopted from different languages across the Empire, with some vocabulary trading between the English and the Scots and Irish, and a smattering of WWI battlefield terms. For example, P.W. Joyce in “English As We Speak It in Ireland” (1910, available from Project Gutenberg) lists a large number of unflattering names for unsavory persons, which may have found their way into contemporary English dictionaries (some of those words are still in use in Ireland).

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