The votes are in and it’s a tie!

blue eyes on a woman, focused.
All she’s got is those fabulous eyes!

You can probably tell by the image for this post, but the votes were split in half between taking away Portia’s ability to speak and her ability to hear. So I am writing the scene right now that takes away both those abilities in Casebook 10 (way to throw a curveball friends!). Thanks for voting and helping to create this casebook.

PS: Titles currently in my head include ‘Blink’ , ‘Seeing is believing’ , ‘Hear but Not’ – any of those jump out at you?

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

8 thoughts on “The votes are in and it’s a tie!”

  1. Don’t use “Blink”, it’s been used for a Doctor Who episode. Also, I think if you’re going to take away two major senses you should research hHelen Keller (though knowing you, you’ve probably already thought of that).

    1. hmm. I get where you’re going with this idea, Ben, but she’s NOT blind. In fact that’s pretty much the only ability other than touch that the girl still has, and that title makes me think ‘land of the blind,’ — might be too clever for a title.

  2. Ack, I was going to say “Blink” is a great title. I wouldn’t worry about sharing an episode title from a long running show… it’s not like you’re using “The Phantom Menace”. The other two titles don’t really do anything for me like your other titles… these ones sound a little cheesy.

      1. Might do the world a favour… in time that Star Wars movie will be forgotten and only known for ripping off a Portia Adams casebook.

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