The Enticing Scent of Shalimar perfume

So pretty!

As my good friend Joe (over at Assorted Nonsense) reminded me lately, smell is all too often ignored when we write scenes.
Well, this post is for you, Sir!
With her hearing and ability to communicate verbally still damaged, Portia is noticing some of her other senses more than usual. In this scene I am writing, Portia will notice the perfume of a visitor, and it will turn out to be Shalimar by Guerlain.

Here is a description of Shalimar‘s smell:

Shalimar is one of the best selling perfumes ever and its magic is undeniable. Perfume is composed of citrus notes; lemon and bergamot, jasmine, may rose, opoponax, Tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and gray amber. Coolness of the citrus notes leads to floral heart ending with a warm and luxurious trail.

That is probably a little more descriptive than I need to be, but it will waft into the text of this scene on the breeze of my little imagination. Onward!

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

12 thoughts on “The Enticing Scent of Shalimar perfume”

  1. Scent is important. In a manga I once read, a character used perfume doused cards to make it seem like she was psychic and defeat her opponents in the card game. Only by figuring it out did another character beat her and further his chances in a tournament.

  2. I was so intrigued by this post that I checked the nightstand copy of my novel to see how I did with including the sense of smell. In the first ten (10) chapters (127 pages), I had written twenty-two (22) references to scent! Chapters 4, 7 and 10 each had five (5) references to a smell! Only Chapter 8 had nothing olfactory about it.

    I wonder why. Perhaps it’s because I’m disabled. Or maybe it’s heredity: I remember my Polish grandmother standing in the middle of a room and announcing, “I detect mold!”

    1. I’m making a big assumption here, Christine, but I think you’re in the minority in terms of writers who naturally include more than what the character sees and hears. I’m not surprised (given what I’ve read of yours) but inspired!!

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