1930s Inspiration

1930s Inspiration
Love that face.

Sometimes, when writing, I need a little inspiration. Here’s a little 1930s fashion to spark the imagination.

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist http://angelamisri.com

4 thoughts on “1930s Inspiration”

  1. I had to Google to find out this is Greta Garbo…. She resembles Hedy Lamar, another actress of the same period… Hedy was an amazing woman, not only a beautiful and talented actress, but, a genius as well, with patents on file for many electronic flight devices, involving radio, radar, and electronic functions, such as the frequency skipping technology that our cell phones still use… Incredible woman… Greta was pretty cool, too, though not a mathematician, by all reports… 🙂 Sorry, trivia head on the loose…. I saw you are now following my blog, and came to check out your site… I’m glad I did… I don’t surf as much as I’d like online anymore, due to severe pain episodes, but, I post daily, and will definitely be stopping by here when I can…. I like your versatility….. Blessed Be, little sister…

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