Recording videos today

iMovie magic!

As part of the IndieGogo Campaign to pre-order Jewel of the Thames, I have some videos to record. I’m working on the intro one now, but I need to record a reading of a scene from the book today as well.  I’m thinking 3-5 minutes tops for these videos – right guys? Just enough to give potential audience members a taste, but leave them wanting more….

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

4 thoughts on “Recording videos today”

    1. Hmm… I hadn’t recorded a scene like that, i had picked one that wraps things up… but you’re right, let me go through and find a cliff-hanger moment! Thanks Rami!

  1. I think roughly 3 minutes is right (about as much time as it takes to recite “A Boy Named Sue”). Is your voice-over “read by the author,” or are you using a text-to-speech generator? If you’re doing text-to-speech, I have some tips for making computer voices sound better.

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