What makes the best swag at a book launch?

What makes the best swag at a book launch?
Inquiring Beekers what to know!


2. Stickers
3. Postcards
4. Buttons
5. Pens

Please comment below!

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist http://angelamisri.com

6 thoughts on “What makes the best swag at a book launch?”

  1. I love a nice-looking bookmark, although people are reading more and more e-books these days. Something that may be used will be appreciated and might even help a little with marketing when it’s used. Something novel is more likely to create a little buzz or serve as a conversation piece (which also helps a little with marketing if it leads to more conversations afterward).

      1. If they’re meeting you in person, I would still bring something they can hold in their hands, may use, and might get their friends to inquire about when they see it later.

        However, if they will be reading your e-book instead of your print book, in addition, look for some cool e-book feature, like AuthorGraph (might inspire a few sales so they can try it out).

  2. As someone who’ll self-publish an ebook I’d feel a bit silly handing out bookmarks even though I never through them away. Stickers and pens…well, they seem too disposable. Buttons? I have no idea what someone would do with those, especially over the long term. I raised a brow when I saw postcards on your list and wonder about giving away cover art in the form of a postcard or slightly larger. On the back could be a blurb and other information and a place to sign. H’m, that’s an intriguing idea…

    1. That’s what Chris was getting at – that bookmarks are odd when most of your audience will read your book on an e-reader. I am liking the sticker idea more and more because you can put it anywhere. The postcards are nice, but I , unlike you, could not tell you where mine have gotten to, which is a bad sign…

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