Book Cover Reveal!

Courtesy of Emma Dolan
Courtesy of Emma Dolan

For those of you who already pre-ordered Jewel of the Thames, you got an email update about this, but for everyone else… here is the gorgeous book cover for the first book in the series, designed by Emma Dolan!

She did an amazing job and you should go check out some of her other work, cause this lady has SKILLS.

We’re working on the spine design now, so if you have any suggestions for series spines you really like (I for example love the spines for the latest Star Wars series), let me know?

AND tell me what you think of THIS beauty in the comments below!

Please share liberally, we’re still in Pre-Sale mode!

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

18 thoughts on “Book Cover Reveal!”

  1. It’s intriguing without being too busy. It’s clever and inviting. It’s time period appropriate with a delightful color scheme. Font choice and placement might be the strongest part of the cover. That’s where many covers crash. I adore her silhouette. Excellent job.

  2. Love the Tower-Cathedral-Big Ben skyline, and that the buildings below sport authentic Georgian architectural features!

    I can see the title elements (bubble, font and silhouette) being a repeating feature on the covers of future volumes, and the silhouette on all of the spines, for instant recognition by readers.

    I also like the dominant location of the title, and the modest size of the author’s name – it fits nicely into the scene. It makes me feel that this story is all about inviting me to share Portia’s adventure (unlike covers that scream the author’s name in block capitals bigger than the title). In fact, the composition follows eye-tracking research (center-top-bottom scanning), giving all of the essential information: title-setting-author. Following the research, on a future volume, the author’s name could appear at the top (although still smaller than the central title), but that would depend on the scene in the background.

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