Engaging in every social medium

Engaging in every medium

When it comes to engaging your audience, I see social media as both digital and in-person.

It’s funny, but each medium requires different things from you. In-person engagement requires that you have that elevator pitch down-pat… without sounding too rehearsed or too travelling-salesman.

It also helps I find to have something physical to hand people – like a card or a sticker with info that tells them how to get ahold of your book should they choose to do so.

On twitter I find that being genuine about your interests and your book that you’re trying to sell has to be balanced. I try to tweet 12-15 times a day, and at least two of those tweets will include a link to where you can buy my book. The rest are just as honest, they are just not focused on me, they are tweets about content that interests me. I hope that that is a reasonable balance.

On Facebook, I post to my Portia Adams page twice to three times a week, and it is always specific to the book, though not always about how to buy it. I tend to use facebook’s Event feature and post blog content there as well.

On Pinterest, I have no set schedule. When I come across an image that in some way inspires my writing about Portia, I pin it. If I create a graphic I’m especially happy with for the blog, I’ll pin that as well, linking back to the blog post. I do no selling on Pinterest, though there is a link to my website where you can buy the book in the details of the Portia Adams Pinterest page.

With Google+ I try to post on the Portia Adams page twice a week, especially when I have something visual to bring attention to. Kind of somewhere between Pinterest and Facebook in terms of posting style, though I for sure sell on G+. I also find that the groups allow for me to participate in very specific interests and then push content just as specifically. So for the book launch event I would post that to a Toronto-based book club, and for the book cover reveal, I posted that on the Children’s Book Illustrators group I’m part of.

I’d be interested to know what you guys use your social mediums for and how successful (how ever you measure your success) they are.

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist http://angelamisri.com

8 thoughts on “Engaging in every social medium”

  1. I use Facebook and Twitter to spread my work. For Facebook I probably use my page at least once a day, while Twitter I probably use every other day. Other than that, I really haven’t noticed too many other patterns. Oh, except that when I include a link in the post on Facebook, it doesn’t reach as many people.

    1. interesting. I find twitter has my biggest bang for buck (people who go from twitter to buy my book for example). Do you use bit.ly at all? It helps you track your shortened links and gives you info about where they came from.

  2. I’ve been on WordPress for almost exactly one year becoming comfortable with blogging. I have an author page on FB and could do more with it. My presence on Pinterest is recent, but I’m happy with how that’s going. After my 620 mile move in nine days a lot will change. I’m going to upgrade my WP site and finally venture onto Twitter. I know little about Google+ other than I’ve heard it mentioned more in the last month than at any other time since its inception. Over this past year I’ve learned to treat WP and FB differently, which I hadn’t anticipated. It has all been a fun and exciting learning experience and I look forward to doing more soon.

  3. I have a Twitter account, but I’m not in any network of people who would rebroadcast anything I’d tweet, so I’m not active there. I don’t have a Pinterest account, for the same reason. I have an author page at Facebook and a page there for “Irish Firebrands,” and I send WordPress post links to them, but my following there is mainly what’s left of my extended family, so what happens at FB tends to stay at FB. A duplicate blog that’s a Google product gets no hits except from webcrawler bots. I have many more unique followers of my WP blog than everyplace else, combined.

    BTW, I’ve started advance notice of your guest blog by updating my most recent post, plus I’ve added a permanent sidebar feature called “Smoke Signals,” that will keep notice of such coming events. I’ll also be reviewing an ARC of your book for Goodreads (where I have a growing following), and Amazon.

    1. So WordPress is your main arena for engagement and feedback.. interesting.
      I’m going to check out ‘smoke signals’ (great name btw) as soon as I hit reply on this comment!

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