Tips: Writing a Series

Knock one over and…

I’m working on a new episode of One Fictitious Moment (check out the first four episodes here) and the topic I’m researching is how to write a series.

Here are some of the tricks I keep in mind when writing a story that is part of a series:

  1. Always remember there is a larger story-arc and try to keep pushing it along at regular intervals.
  2. You have to give people a reason to read the next book. It doesn’t always have to be a cliff-hanger, but there has to be a reason to come back.
  3. You don’t have to retell the stories prior to the one your writing right now, but you may need your characters to ‘remember’ certain events if they are significant to the current story. A flashback or a quick memory written on the page can work.
  4. Remembering all your little details is really important as is all the foreshadowing you need to drop in so that by book 4 your reader smacks their head and goes “Ohhhhh!” – thanks for these two tips Amy from Inkcouragement!

What are some of your best tricks for writing a series?


Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

10 thoughts on “Tips: Writing a Series”

  1. I actually wrote some articles on this a while back, and these are among the tips. I also try to delve deeper into the characters and develop them more, expand on the worlds they live in, introduce new characters, and introduce new conflicts, not just new enemies, but new conflicts between the characters (romances, arguments, etc). Usually works out for me.

  2. I’m currently writing a MG fantasy series, and the thing that works best for me (book one is done, I’m in the middle of book two and three), is to remember the little things. Details are important, and foreshadowing even more so. Your advice is awesome! I always need a reminder of important tidbits for series writing. Thanks!

    1. Frack! See I’m terrible at details (my publishers are the Queens of hauling details out of me!) – that’s why it’s not on the above list – do you mind if I add it with a credit to you for the idea?

      1. Go right ahead! I think we’re a bit opposite. I’m a total detail hog, and when I get a publisher (hopefully in the next year or so), they’ll probably tell me to tone it down!! 🙂

  3. Good tips. My characters often reference an event in a previous book. I enjoy writing a story arcs that last a few chapters while maintaining the main plot. The bad guys always seem to plot to change the outcom of character plans.

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