The number of books written in Starbucks

Comic by Jeff Stahler
Comic by Jeff Stahler

Do you ever find yourself wondering just how many books/articles/short-stories were written in your local Starbucks?

I think if someone actually tracked it people would be amazed.

I often sit in my local Starbucks all morning, drinking coffee, sucking up wi-fi and incorporating various patrons in my character descriptions.

Do you have a favourite writing spot you frequent in your ‘hood?

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

8 thoughts on “The number of books written in Starbucks”

  1. Here in Los Angeles it’s also screenplays. I see laptops open with that familiar format on their screen. I also like to write at coffee shops….now if they just had a place to drop off my kids lol.

  2. My favorite writing spot is at home, mostly because I’m easily distracted. But I work at a Starbucks, so I do wonder how many people spend their time there writing.

  3. I’d like to write more at home, but I get distracted too easily. My favorite spot is a coffee shop (though I loathe coffee). It’s Biggby Coffee. Small, but roomy, with a fireplace and comfy chairs. Heaven.

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