Review of Mr. Holmes

mrholmesWow, this is turning out to be a review week for me – first Asp of Ascension and now the movie Mr. Holmes.

I was invited to see a screening of the new movie with The Bootmakers of Toronto (the local Sherlock Holmes group).

Suffice to say we LOVED it. What a great story, and what a fantastic actor at the perfect time in his life to take on such a role.

I won’t fill this space with spoilers because I respect a good mystery too much but I will tell you that the story respects the original canon and still manages to give us a side of Holmes that we don’t often get to see – the emotional side. It’s like in removing Watson (who only shows up from the neck down in walk-bys) Holmes had to fill in that role of both writer and emotional character.

Not surprisingly Sir Ian McKellen handles both with aplomb and the supporting cast add to the screenplay in the best way – not taking away from the mystery or the man, but truly supporting an aging legend.

I give this movie the full five sensible heels:


N.B.: Also, the movie is set in 1937 which is right in Portia’s wheelhouse – which was also a lovely treat!

Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist

4 thoughts on “Review of Mr. Holmes”

  1. Thank you for the review, Angela but count yourself among the fortunate Sherlockians to even see the movie! Here in South Bend, Indiana, our closest showing for our group is some 90 miles away. Sadly, many film distributors here in the U.S. figure some 300 screens in 50 states should do it and instead decide to show many senseless “other” stuff. From what I see, “Mr. Holmes” is the “good stuff” and quite frankly, it is very embarrassing for a diehard Sherlockian like myself to wait for the DVD, let alone force me to drive a couple hours when I can walk a half mile to our best cinema in the area. And by the way, that theater manager did laugh at me last week when I asked him when they would be showing it. Again, count your blessings……………

    1. That is just so wrong Eric! I’m sorry to hear that. What is wrong with that theatre manager? Good clean mysteries not their thing. Yes, thanking my lucky stars to be fortunate enough!

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