Emma Dolan and the cover of book 3

accent2Exciting times over at Fierce Ink Books as Emma Dolan wades into a new cover design for book 3 in the Adventures: No Matter How Improbable.

As you can tell from my purply changes to the aceent1header of this blog, I want Improbable to be an awesome shade of purple. I also suggested that because the first casebook takes place in Italy, we have an opportunity to turn away from the London skyline of the first two book covers.

accent4This week I got some questions back about the little accents Emma used on books 1 and 2 and did I have any ideas for equivalent accents to use on Improbable.

The little mice on Jewel or the constellationsaceent3 on Thrice are good examples, so here is the list I sent back to Emma:

  • Professor Archer’s spectacles
  • The Eagle pin
  • The button that Brian finds in the vault.
  • The silver watch given to Portia by Gavin
  • Falling stars? I feel like this book has a lot of loss in it, perhaps visually represented with falling stars…


Author: Angela Misri

Novelist, Digital Strategist & Journalist http://angelamisri.com

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