2 thoughts on “A Timeline of Portia Adam’s Adventures!”

  1. Hi Angela. I have just listened to your interview on CBC and immediately checked my Kobo account to order your books. The only ones that they have are Detective… which I purchased, and Pickles. Could you get your publisher to arrange with Kobo to stock the first three Portia books? I have zero interest in buying e-books from Amazon. I have had this problem before with Kobo. My asking them to stock your other books will get me exactly nowhere. You’re my only hope. Another option would be for you to directly sell epub e-books the way that you do with paper. Pamela Foster sells her Downton Abby cookbooks this way. I have her ‘Abbey Cooks Entertain’.
    Now that I have Detective, I have a dilemma: should I read it right away but out of sequence, or wait in the hopes that I will eventually be able to obtain books 1-3.

    1. Hi David, thanks very much for your support. Unfortunately, my first publishers (Fierce Ink Press) went under in 2017, so all the rights and the books reverted to me. I posted them on Amazon to continue to sell them (as you saw), but you’re right that I didn’t put them everywhere, I just don’t have capacity. That said, I’d be happy to sell you PDF copies of the first three books for your e-reading pleasure – would that interest you?

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