A Portia Adams Adventure

Portia Adams is a young Canadian woman with the uncanny ability to get herself in trouble with her unique brain. It’s not until she loses her mother to cancer that she discovers her connection with far away Baker Street, and starts her journey to become the greatest consulting detective since Sherlock Holmes.

1. Jewel of the Thames
Portia Constance Adams arrives in London and the first mystery she has to solve is how she inherited the famous townhouse on Baker Street.
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2. A case of darkness
Adjusting to her new life in England, Portia takes on her first real client and nearly loses that case to a criminally clever murderer.
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3. Unfound
An 8-hour train ride to visit her grandmother in Edinburgh becomes tension filled when a child goes missing and Portia’s own insecurities threaten to derail her investigation.
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4. Thrice Burned
Arson comes front and centre in Portia’s latest casebook that starts with fire and ends with friendship.
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5. Box 850
The sleuth takes on the spy in this case of misdirection and the person Portia least expects becomes aware of her true origins.
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6. Truth be told
It was only a matter of time before P.C.Adams became sought-after, but when a photo of a trench-coat wearing man is identified as the Baker street consulting detective, time runs out to tell the truth about who the real sleuth is.
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7. Principessa
When an old friend offers an Italian escape from the limelight, Portia jumps at the chance, but the case of the blackmailing Italian almost evades her as quickly as she escaped the London press.
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8. Settling the Score
A triumphant return from Italy turns to lonely confusion when Portia finds herself deserted by everyone she left behind and forced to find her grandfather through the most desperate of plots.
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9. No Matter How Improbable

The world is turned on its head when someone close to Portia dies and everyone is convinced it is a suicide. Will she be able to keep her heart detached long enough to change their minds and find the true culprit?
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10. Lost and Bound ( testing that title…)

Annie’s father has been tried and convicted of a murder in Toronto and she and Portia race to save him from the gallows.

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11. The Constable’s Case ( testing that title…)

Brian Dawes wakes up in a mine having no memory of how he got there or where ‘here’ actually is.

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12 or 13. Clear as a Bell ( testing that title…)

There’s a bomber in London and Portia is one of their first victims. Without her hearing or the ability to verbally communicate with the world around her, Portia sinks into a depression she may not be able to solve.

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