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Pickles vs the Zombies Thrice Burned Print

The Detective and the SpyThe Detective and the Spy:
September 24, 2020
Available for from Chapters and Amazon

Blown Away

It’s taken years, but Portia Adams has found an outlet for her obsessive curiosity as the consulting detective of 221B Baker Street, like her grandfathers before her. Scotland Yard taps her for their trickiest crimes, she’s in her last year of law school and finally things are heating up between Portia and her downstairs tenant, Constable Brian Dawes. But a bomb planted at a crime scene destroys everything she has fought so hard to establish.

She wakes up to a world she can’t communicate with, the sounds around her dulled and unintelligible and the words that come out of her mouth are garbled and incomprehensible. Brian was hurt in other ways, the burns on his hands and arms causing pain that makes him turn to the opium dens Sherlock Holmes was also known to frequent.

The bomber continues to wreak havoc all over London but no one will work with Portia – everyone from her allies at the Yard to the public itself dismisses the young detective as damaged goods. To make matters worse, a rabid spymaster at MI6 believes she’s involved in the bombings and Portia finds herself on the run having to relearn her skills in a deafeningly silent world.

pickles vs. the zombiesPickles vs the Zombies:

September, 2019
DCB Press
Available for from Chapters and Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Target

A Fellowship of Mammals

The comfortable life of Pickles, the calico house cat, is turned upside down when humans succumb to a zombie apocalypse. She doesn’t know where her “pet” – human child Connor – has gone, only that there are zombies everywhere.

Determined to find Connor, Pickles sets off with her cat friends and a streetwise raccoon, exploring a world she has only seen through a window. Fending off human zombies, street cats from the wrong side of the track, and a fearsome gang of chipmunks, Pickles and her crew search for remnants of human society.

About Sixty: Why every Sherlock Holmes story is the best
Published October 25, 2016 by WildSide Press
Sixty original tales of Sherlock Holmes—which one is the best? In sixty essays, sixty Sherlockians make the case for each of the stories. Their arguments range from the playful to the academic, and are as varied as the authors themselves.

As editor Christopher Redmond says: “What they have written is compelling evidence that any one of the Sherlock Holmes stories can be the best; it’s all a matter of what the reader is looking for.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tales range from Victorian horror, to jewel heists, to society scandals. As these authors show, there’s a Sherlock Holmes adventure for every taste.

Angela Misri wrote a defence of ‘A Scandal in Bohemia,’ one of the 60 stories featured in this exciting new anthology.

Courtesy of Emma Dolan

Jewel of the Thames: Book One in the Portia Adams Adventures
Published March 25, 2014 by Fierce Ink Press
Order ebook here: Amazon
Order paperback here: Amazon

“Even for teens who haven’t yet encountered Doyle’s stories, Portia Adams will prove to be a whip-smart, worthy new heroine.”
–  Quill & Quire

“Classy and clever. Portia Adams is equal parts toughness and charm.” — Tim Wynne-Jones, two-time winner of the Arthur Award from the Crime Writers of Canada

There’s a new detective at 221 Baker Street

Set against the background of 1930s England, Jewel of the Thames introduces Portia Adams, a budding detective with an interesting — and somewhat mysterious — heritage.

Nineteen-year-old Portia Adams has always been inquisitive. There’s nothing she likes better than working her way through a mystery. When her mother dies, Portia puzzles over why she was left in the care of the extravagant Mrs. Jones but doesn’t have long to dwell on it before she is promptly whisked from Toronto to London by her new guardian. Once there Portia discovers that she has inherited 221 Baker Street — the former offices of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Portia settles into her new home and gets to know her downstairs tenants, including the handsome and charming Brian Dawes. She also finds herself entangled in three cases: the first involving stolen jewelry, the second a sick judge and the final case revolving around a kidnapped child. But the greatest mystery of all is her own. How did she come to inherit this townhouse? And why did her mother keep her heritage from her? Portia has a feeling Mrs. Jones knows more than she is letting on. In fact, she thinks her new guardian may be the biggest clue of all.

Featuring casebook illustrations by Sydney Smith.

Thrice Burned: Book Two in the Portia Adams Adventures

Thrice BurnedPublished March 28, 2015
Fierce Ink Press
Available from Chapters, Amazon

If you play with fire, you might get burned.

Portia is still reeling from finding out that her guardian, Mrs. Jones, is actually the infamous Irene Adler and her grandmother. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Sherlock Holmes is her grandfather, a secret Portia’s mother took to her grave.

As a diversion, Portia throws herself into work and continues to consult with Scotland Yard on their hard-to-crack cases, including a brazen theft that the perpetrator boasted about before it took place, as well as the disappearance of prostitutes. While on the trail of an arsonist she meets Annie, a resourceful reporter. They strike up a friendship and Annie starts to report on “P.C. Adams”, the consulting detective keeping London safe, but she promises to keep Portia’s true identity secret. Neighbor Constable Brian Dawes takes a shine to Annie just as Portia starts to question her own feelings for him. At the same time Portia attracts the attention of Gavin Whitaker, a medical student and her intellectual equal. He may just be the distraction she needs.

As the press starts to show an interest in P.C. Adams, an impostor comes forward, and Portia must choose between remaining anonymous and letting the world know the truth.

PrintNo Matter how Improbable: Book Three in the Portia Adams Adventures

Published March 25, 2016
Fierce Ink Press
Available from ChaptersAmazon

Be careful what you wish for

A certain amount of celebrity is inevitable when you’re Sherlock Holmes’s granddaughter, especially when you’re also a consulting detective. But for Portia Adams, it’s getting to be a little much. She decides to escape the rabid London press by chasing a case all the way to Italy.

When she gets back, it seems that the media frenzy has finally run its course — but now she’s got bigger things to worry about. Sherlock Holmes is missing, his apartment burned to the ground. Her boyfriend, Gavin Whitaker, is acting strangely and spending too much time with unsavory people. And as if that weren’t enough, her best friend Brian isn’t speaking to her.

Can Portia right all that has happened in her brief absence or will she lose someone she loves to the gray London streets?

Sherlock Holmes is LikeSherlock Holmes is Like: Sixty Comparisons for an Incomparable Character

Published November, 2018
WildSide Press
Available from Wildside PressAmazon


An awesome anthology of essays comparing the character of Sherlock Holmes to everyone from Odysseus to Gertrude Stein to Gandalf.

My own essay compares the Greatest detective to my favourite trickster, Loki.

23 thoughts on “Books in Print”

    1. Ah. Good question. My agent is trying to sell it to a U.S. publisher as I type. So until it is sold, it’s not available in the States except through me. I can send you a signed paperback copy or a mobi or ePub if you can’t wait… just email me and we’ll arrange it.

  1. Hello! Jewel of the Thames is my daughter’s favorite book of all time (she is an avid reader). I live in the US and was trying to order the second book and perhaps order a copy of the first with a signature for her birthday.Can you advise if that is possible and how to proceed?
    Thanks so much for your help – Happy New Year!
    Bethany McGarry

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Bethany! The Mysterious Bookshop in NYC currently has a few signed copies of Thrice Burned in stock, I also sent you an email about other options.

  2. hello! being very intrigued by the books, i just had a little browse and only the first one seems to be available in europe. is there any plan on having the second one published ‘on the other side of the atlantic’ as well? also, as the germans are quite thrilleresque … any plans for having it translated? (obviously there needs to be an interest from a publishing house first, right?)
    in the meantime, happy new year (even though the loss of alan rickman and david bowie have made it so far artistically mournful…),
    björn drori avraham

    1. Oh we are trying my friend! My agent is hard at work trying to find a UK publisher right now (with the hopes we’ll get more of Europe through them). In terms of translation, you are totally right, it’s about a publisher with the interest to do so. If you know anyone ….
      And yes, happy new year!

  3. I recently finished reading “Jewel of the Thames”, which was recommended to me by a good friend. I really liked it and would like to read the books following it but I can’t seem to find them here in the US. Do you know if those books are going to be available here at some time, or is there some way I can get them? Thanks!

  4. I was wondering if there’s gonna be a 4th book or beyond. I really love this series and I’ve only just finished book 2 but it’s so interesting and I wanna know if there’s going to be more books after the third. I’ll be so happy if you’re planning to do so and please maybe let me know when it’ll come out 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Dana, I’m so appreciative of the support! I’m halfway through writing book 4, but my lovely Canadian publisher, Fierce Ink Books, has just announced they’re closing down shop. So, I’m shopping for a new publisher. So short answer is ‘Yes, hopefully!’ I’ll keep you updated on the blog.

      1. I can’t wait and thanks so much!! I really hope you find a publisher so I can find the next one in chapters or indigo really soon.

  5. Is there a place where I can get a copy of the eBook version(s)? I teach 8th grade in the States and taught Sherlock Holmes this year. Always looking for something new to go along with it!

  6. Hi! I was just wondering when your fourth book will come out and what it will be called. DO you have any teasers? I just finished reading your third book, “No Matter How Improbable, and loved it! You are one of my all-time favourite authors!

    1. That is so kind of you to say, Sarah! Any chance you have time to post a review of Improbable on Amazon or GoodReads?
      I am working on book four right now, but as you might have read in this blog, my wonderful publishers went out of business last year, so I am between publishers. As soon as I have more info, I promise, I will post it here!

  7. I recently found your Portia Adams series at our local bookshop and library which I thoroughly enjoyed. Any word yet on a fourth book?

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