Character Profiles

This is where I shall keep updated links for the characters in my Portia Adams Adventures series.

Major Characters

irene Brian annie2
Portia Adams
Consulting detective
Law Student
Irene Jones
Former thief
Brian Dawes
Annie Coleson
gregory3 Michaels
Dr. Gavin Douglas Whitaker
Assistant Professor
Sergeant Michaels

Minor Characters

Elaine DrBeans 'Bruiser' Jenkins Archer
Elaine Barclay / Ridley
Dr Beanstine
County CoronerAssistant Professor
Asher Bruiser Jenkins
Former thief
Boxing instructor
Chief Inspector Archer
Sessional Professor
Ruby drolsen Clara Schott
Ian Lancaster
MI5 Spy
Baker Street Irregular
Homeless child
Dr. Heather Olsen Mrs. Clara Schott

Scotland Yard
Constable Bonhomme
Constable Simmons
Constable Reeves
Constable Alan: 24, freckled, tall.
Constable Oakes
Constable Raimes
Constable Benson: burly 200lb red-headed constable.
Sergeant Torrens: from precinct 180
Constable Touter

Baker Street Irregulars:
Andy: 8, Brother to Dina (working girl), hazel eyes
Dina: 17, working girl, sister to Andy (homeless kid), brunette with hazel eyes
Ginger: 27, working girl, friend to Dina, redhead with green eyes


Emily Watson: 40, wife to Hamish Watson, mother of two kids
Sarah Watson: 34, wife to Regulus Watson, mother of two kids, green eyes
Regulus Watson: 40, youngest son of Dr. John Watson & Mary Morstan
Hamish Watson:  49, eldest son of  son to Dr. John Watson & Mary Morstan


Mrs. Ambrose: 30, hires Portia to find her lost jewelry
Eugene Coleson: 55, father to Annie, hires Portia to save him from his sentence of death



Ian Meyers: 48, Barrister, has the particular skills of being able to tell if people are lying.
Dick McGregor: 40, Reporter for the Daily Mirror
Mr. Wigglesworth: 65, store owner with a bit of a temper.
Reverend Joseph: 45, drunk.
Alice Joseph: 44, wife to the reverend Joseph
Brianne Joseph: deceased, sister to the reverend.
Miss Wayland: 22, faints at the Ridley’s wedding reception
Mr. Alan Ambrose: 33, philandering husband
Andrea Scott: 25, famous actress philandering with Alan Ambrose
Mr. Olsen: Bank Manager


12 thoughts on “Character Profiles”

  1. Did you also make the sketches and portraits of these characters? They’re excellent, showing the inner character as well as the outward appearance…… Please, tell me you shopped that out… I don’t know if I could stand all that talent in one package!…. 🙄 😆

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