Pickles vs the Zombies

PICKLES is assigned to a young pet named Connor, mentored by Wally, an older feline of the house when suddenly, a new predator emerges in the food chain – the human zombie. When her pet doesn’t return home, Pickles instigates a quest to find him, gathering a fellowship of animals around her, chasing down clues and dodging threats in both undead human and live animal form.


Pickles: the leader of the quest

Genus/Species:  Felis catus
Human Age: 3
Feline Age: 15
Weight: 3.6kg
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Calico cat with orange, black and white markings, amber coloured eyes, pink nose.

Best quote:“Shh! I hear humans!”

Pickles is the most loyal, brave, inventive cat you will ever meet.

Wally: the old guard

wally-for-webGenus/Species:  Felis catus
Human Age:
Feline Age: 40
Gender: Male
Weight: 5kg
Physical Description: Long-haired Siberian grey cat with gold coloured eyes, and a grey nose.
Best quote:“Well, I’ll be a long-haired Siamese!”

Wally is smart, methodical and loyal to a fault. He leaves no man (or cat) behind.

Ginger: the diva

Genus/Species: Felis catus
Human Age: 4
Feline Age: 20
Weight: 4kg
Physical Description: Short-haired American cat with orange fur, gold coloured eyes, white sock feet and a pink nose.
Best quote: “Easy peasy, nip and cheesy!”

Ginger loves himself more than anyone else, but starts to change his stripes following Pickles on her quest.

Trip: the traveller

Genus/Species: Procyon lotor
Human Age: 4
Raccoon Age: 16
Weight: 9kg
Physical Description: North American raccoon with a grey/brown body, black mask, black paws and a striped tail.
Best quote:“You’re like a buffet of pretty colors!”

Trip is an irrepressible optimist with a faith in humanity and mammals that doesn’t make sense based on his background. He is led around by two organs that are in constant conflict: his stomach and his heart.

Emmy: the berserker


Genus/Species:  Phodopus campbelli
Human Age: 6 months
Hamster Age: 35
Gender: Non binary
Weight: 0.5kg
Physical Description: Dwarf hamster with brown fur, black eyes and a pink nose.
Best quote: “Zombies don’t talk!”

Despite recovering from PTSD at her dogs’ deaths, Emmy is a fearless warrior who thinks of others before herself, throwing herself into battle in odds that would terrify any other animal.

Hannah: the mysterious

Genus/Species: Felis catus
Human Age: 3
Feline Age: 15
Gender: Female
Weight: 3kg
Physical Description: Short-haired Abyssinian cat with ticked orange fur, green eyes, sharp triangular ears and an orange nose.
Best quote:“You on your own, little lady?””

Hannah is an outsider who is too used to being kicked out of the way and abandoned. She has trust issues and a bit of a complex about being alone.

Pallas: the sensitive

Genus/Species:  Athene cunicularia hypugaea
Human Age: 6 months
Owl Age: 8 years
Gender: Male
Weight: 0.5kg
Physical Description: Canadian burrowing owl, with a dark beak, golden eyes and multicoloured brown feathers.

Best quote:“…she was nothing but loving to me.”

Abandoned nearly at birth, Pallas has led a sheltered life, leaving the nest only to gather food. Nonetheless, Pallas forms a bond with Emmy almost immediately and will do anything to keep her safe.