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These are independent reviews of my books.

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Globe and Mail review of The Detective and the Spy

“If Sherlock Holmes had a granddaughter, she’d definitely be a clever and devilishly curious woman like Portia Adams. That’s what Misri – who has written several essays on Holmes, as well as three other Adams books – believes and she’s convinced me.” – Read the full review here

CM Magazine Review of Pickles vs the Zombies

5 STARS! “Pickles vs. the Zombies is a fun read that takes a typical zombie narrative but tells it from the perspective of the pets left behind.” – Read the full review here

Quill and Quire logo

Quill & Quire Review of Pickles vs the Zombies

“An exciting, disbelief-suspending, animal-led narrative with unusual twists can be difficult to pull off, but Misri succeeds with a story that is entertaining from start to finish.” – Read the full review here

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Kirkus Review of Pickles vs the Zombies

“Misri artfully leaves gorier details to the imagination, so readers who really don’t thrill to blood and guts can focus on the adventure rather than the body parts. A rousing odyssey.” – Read the full review here


Quill & Quire – March Issue

“Even for teens who haven’t yet encountered Doyle’s stories, Portia Adams will prove to be a whip-smart, worthy new heroine.” Reviewed by Laura Godfrey – Read the full review here


The Canadian Children’s Book Centre – Summer 2014

“…this book is a beguiling mystery in its own right … Portia Adams is a thoroughly charming protagonist… I look forward to seeing much more from Miss Portia Adams!”
Read the full review here

CanLit for Little Canadians – 11/03/15

Thrice Burned is like having new Sherlock Holmes mysteries to read, only now starring an inquisitive and astute young woman (without the Asperger’s Syndrome tendencies) and in a London of the 1930s.  And it works so, so well.  Elementary, wouldn’t you say?” – Read the full review here

Girl Meets Sherlock – 06/01/15

Misri is one of the most exciting new authors whose works I’ve encountered in some time, and Thrice Burned is another enjoyable instalment that manages to be, all at once, very Holmesian and very much all Misri’s own.” – Read the full review here

CanLit for Little Canadians – 17/03/14

“It is that thoughtfulness and sincere modesty that make Portia Adams a finer detective than Holmes could ever have been, and a far more worthy character for readers to admire and follow.” – Read the full review here


Rabble.ca –  05/06/14

“In this excerpt from chapter three, Misri demonstrates her ability to offer a clever and successful contribution to the mythos of Sherlock Holmes…”
Read the full review here

Escape Through the Pages – 20/03/14

“The writing in Jewel of the Thames is intriguing and unique. Angela Misri has managed to convey both a sense of the 1930s and old Sherlock Holmes novels through her prose and dialogue.” – Read the full review here

Jalyn Ely – 20/03/14

“Portia was completely enjoyable. She was a bookish introvert like me, but with awesome deductive skills.” – Read the full review here

Rami Ungar – 27/04/15

“For great storytelling, characters you feel can come off the pages, and for mysteries that will leave you on the edge of your seat, I rate Thrice Burned a 4.3 out of 5.” – Read the full review here

Glamorous Book Lounge

Glamorous Book Lounge – 22/03/14

“I don’t normally gravitate towards mystery reads, but Jewel of the Thames has made me quite smitten with all things related to the Sherlockverse…and tea.” – Read the full review here


Christine P. on Amazon.com – 25/03/14

“…the evidence that research did go into the writing of Jewel of the Thames makes Angela Misri a jewel of a writer. This reader looks forward to watching Portia grow into her role as the new consulting detective on Baker Street.” – Read the full review here


Rachelia on Bookish Comforts – 26/03/14

“I figured out one part of the story, which was quite amusing, but there were quite a few twists and turns thrown in along the way to make for a shocking conclusion!” – Read the full review here

Marlene on The Flyleaf Review – 26/03/14

“Smartly written and completely daring, I believe Misri has given new life to the ever-growing collection of Sherlock Holmes. Even if I do lack knowledge about the canon, I believe Misri has something special in the making.” – Read the full review here


Cate Kustanzy on Digital Journal –  28/03/14

Jewel Of The Thames explores the idea of failure with unblinking honesty — but overall, it succeeds, brilliantly, in introducing us to a figure who may well be literature’s next great detective.”
Read the full review here

Ruth Latta for CM Magazine –  7/03/14

“…Misri has made a clever contribution to Sherlock Holmes spin-off literature. Jewel of the Thames will introduce younger readers to the Holmes world while also appealing to seasoned Sherlock fans.”
Read the full review here

Amy Thomas for The Baker Street Babes –  27/04/14

“It is rare, I repeat, extremely rare, to come across a book that is hugely enjoyable in style as well as being authentic and believable in content. Jewel of the Thames is that kind of book…It carries my strongest recommendation to fans of Holmes and would be an outstanding way to introduce new fans to Sherlock Holmes.”

Read the full review here


Amanda Reid on Forever Young Adult –  12/05/14

“Book, as soon as I saw your glorious cover and read the words “Sherlock Holmes” I knew it was fate. You filled the twee mystery-shaped hole in my heart and for this, I’m yours. I’ll be the Constable Reggie to your Inspector Spacetime, the Leftenant Abbie Mills to your Ichabod Crane, the Watson to your Holmes. And your finale – OH my stars – I simply can’t wait for the next instalment!”

Read the full review here

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