Word on the Street: Toronto 2014

Word on the Street is today!
Word on the Street is today!

I’m headed out to the Toronto Word on the Street this morning, so this post will expand, but I wanted to put the info here in case any of you are in the area and want to pop by!

WHERE: Queen’s Park Circle          WHEN: 11am – 6pm

There are TONNES of activities and authors and things to do down at the event and kids and families are especially well taken-care-of.

I’m on-stage at 5:30pm at the “This is not the Shakespeare Stage” closest to the St. Joseph’s street part of the loop.

Hope to see you down there, and I will post photos as soon as I have ’em!

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Daybreak Alberta interview with Chris Dela Torre

For those of you that missed it, here’s my friend (and NEW host of the Calgary Weekend show Daybreak Alberta) Chris Dela Torre interviewing me about Jewel of the Thames :

March 28th: Book Launch Event!

March 28th: Book Launch Event!
If you’re in Toronto at the end of March, please come to my Book Launch at Ben McNally’s Bookstore – I’d LOVE to meet you guys!

You can get more details and RSVP here:

Boxing Day win: “Lost London”

Happy Holidays friends, I hope you are celebrating this time of year exactly the way you like to – whether you actually celebrate Christmas or Hanukah, or just celebrate a few days off from work to gather with the people you love (like me!)

One of the things I do love about this time of year (other than the presents, which yes, despite the lack of religious/cultural tradition, I partake in) is Boxing Day shopping.

Well, Chapters was having a 30% off hardcover sale, and look at what I brought home!

Cover of "Lost London" by Philip Davies
Cover of “Lost London” by Philip Davies

If you know a little about this series I am writing, you know it is based in 1930s London, England, making this book an awesome research resource for both my facts and imagination.

In my head, Portia Adams has walked these streets for over a year now (when I started writing about her) and the internet and the library have been my primary sources for her world. This is a beautiful book, with over 500 images from the former London County Council archive of photographs, many of which were unpublished until now.

I will be posting images from the book from time to time and for sure quoting from it in this blog (all credit to Philip Davies, and I hope he sells lots of books – Amazon.com link here!)

I’m 25 pages in and I have some fantastic ideas for the setting of my next crime-scene – so stay tuned my friends, and let me know about your great Boxing Day finds in the comments below!