Happy Holidays my bloggy friends!

All the best in 2015!
All the best in 2015!

I have so much to be thankful for in 2014, not the least of which – all my friends, collaborators and supporters on this blog!

Thank you for making 2014 the year that the Portia Adams Adventures finally got published – it has been a dream come true.

All the best in 2015 my friends, I love and appreciate you very very much.


History of Harrods Department store

Fashion plate of 1909 shows upper class Londoners walking in front of Harrods Department Store (from Wikipedia)

I just added a scene wherein Annie and Portia are shopping at Christmas-time, 1931, and I needed to make sure Harrods of London actually existed back then. It did indeed, on Brompton Rd. in the Knightsbridge area near Hyde Park.
Phew! Love it when history supports my scribblings in the Moleskine!