A picture’s worth 332 words

Totally randomly, a friend of a friend posted this image of their miniature Christmas village this morning on Facebook, and I swear, it describes perfectly a scene in No Matter How Improbable: “Annie and I were just exiting a children’s toy store, she having secured ‘the perfect’ wooden train set for her twin brothers. Her father had sent her the money for the purchase, and after several stores, we found an appropriately-priced locomotive.”


Engaging in every social medium

Engaging in every medium

When it comes to engaging your audience, I see social media as both digital and in-person.

It’s funny, but each medium requires different things from you. In-person engagement requires that you have that elevator pitch down-pat… without sounding too rehearsed or too travelling-salesman.

It also helps I find to have something physical to hand people – like a card or a sticker with info that tells them how to get ahold of your book should they choose to do so.

On twitter I find that being genuine about your interests and your book that you’re trying to sell has to be balanced. I try to tweet 12-15 times a day, and at least two of those tweets will include a link to where you can buy my book. The rest are just as honest, they are just not focused on me, they are tweets about content that interests me. I hope that that is a reasonable balance.

On Facebook, I post to my Portia Adams page twice to three times a week, and it is always specific to the book, though not always about how to buy it. I tend to use facebook’s Event feature and post blog content there as well.

On Pinterest, I have no set schedule. When I come across an image that in some way inspires my writing about Portia, I pin it. If I create a graphic I’m especially happy with for the blog, I’ll pin that as well, linking back to the blog post. I do no selling on Pinterest, though there is a link to my website where you can buy the book in the details of the Portia Adams Pinterest page.

With Google+ I try to post on the Portia Adams page twice a week, especially when I have something visual to bring attention to. Kind of somewhere between Pinterest and Facebook in terms of posting style, though I for sure sell on G+. I also find that the groups allow for me to participate in very specific interests and then push content just as specifically. So for the book launch event I would post that to a Toronto-based book club, and for the book cover reveal, I posted that on the Children’s Book Illustrators group I’m part of.

I’d be interested to know what you guys use your social mediums for and how successful (how ever you measure your success) they are.

Looking for love on Facebook

Facebook me!
Facebook me!

No, not THAT kind of love peoples, the love that is measured in ‘likes’ by the Facebook world.

I’d LOVE to hit 200 likes this week – how ’bout a little love my friends? Happy to return the favour!



Please and thank you!

A new Facebook Page for a Portia Adams Adventure!

The Oatmeal: How to get more likes on Facebook http://theoatmeal.com/comics/facebook_likes
The Oatmeal: How to get more likes on Facebook

Because I love and agree with The Oatmeal‘s opinion on Facebook strategy I am NOT asking all of you to go Like my new FB page for A Portia Adams Adventure (but I am asking you to click the comic to the left, the entire strip is HIlarious. The Oatmeal creates the funniest comics on the interwebs, and I own two of their books and three of their posters).

I am just mentioning that hey, if you’re on Facebook, you might be interested to know that I have created a page for this book series.

If not, no harm done, no foul, I appreciate that you’re here on my blog!