Updated: Swag successes

So if we’re measuring the most popular swag so far, I have to say that my new stickers are far out-stripping the bookmarks and the postcards I’ve created in the past. Perhaps not surprisingly, Nerissa is the most popular of the three. I need to print some new ones as I totally ran out last week at the Kitchener Chapters event. Also, I need to create a Brian sticker and I’m thinking of a Scotland Yard sticker – any other suggestions?

sticker-annie sticker-nerissa sticker-portiasticker-brian

A colouring page for all ages

coloring-page1As the saying goes: give the people what they ask for.

In this case, a lovely 10-year-old fan named Anna who emailed me and asked why I don’t have any colouring pages for the Portia Adams Adventures.

Well Anna, and all you adults out there finding new joy in colouring within the lines, please download and enjoy my first colouring page.

If you click the image on the left, it will take you to the larger version which you can print and colour in!

Alternately, you can right-click and download it to your computer and print it from there.

PS: If you email me scans or photos of your finished works, I promise to post them on the site!

PPS: I’m going to ask the fantastic artist who designs my Canadian book covers to create colouring page version of my books too!

One Fictitious Moment: Writing Detective Fiction

I’ve been writing a few articles for various publications recently and as part of one of those assignments, I decided to create some YouTube videos about writing. This is the first episode, and it’s about how I construct a detective story. Hope you enjoy it!

You can Subscribe to my new channel here by the way: https://www.youtube.com/user/onefictitiousmoment

If Book Characters created Computer Passwords

Ah.. but what would Peeta use as his password? (I'm guessing Katniss)
Ah.. but what would Peeta use as his password? (I’m guessing Katniss)

Right up front here I’m going to admit I totally stole this idea from Random House who today posted their idea of what passwords their favourite characters would use.

So here’s my fun question for you guys: In the comments below, list YOUR favourite character, their password and why.

For Portia, who thinks herself rather clever, I suggest: EagletofBaker$treet

If you don’t get it, I suggest checking out her Character Profile to see where that could have come from.