Benito Mussolini and the politics of Italy in 1932

Benito Mussolini from Wikipedia
Benito Mussolini from his Wikipedia

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about Italian history in the 1930s to give credence to Portia’s latest case: Principessa.

In addition to exploring the landscape and picking a location (read more in my post on Racconigi castle here) the politics of the time are of key interest. Anyone who knows anything about post-World-War-1 Italy knows that by 1932, politics in the country were all about Benito Mussolini.

The man ruled from 1922 till he was ousted in 1943. “Following the March on Rome in October 1922 he became the 27th Prime Minister of Italy and began using the title Il Duce by 1925, about which time he had established dictatorial authority by both legal and extraordinary means, aspiring to create a totalitarian state.” – Wikipedia

So Il Duce would have been an intrusive part of the Royal family’s life, especially to the King, Victor Emmanuel, who chose to share power with the facist ruler despite having the support of his military.

Mussolini solved something called the ‘Roman Question’ which was a dispute between the Popes and the government of Italy and I’m wondering if the blackmailer in this case could be somehow tied up in this. I need to find out if Victor Emmanuel was involved in trying to solve the Roman Question, and who would benefit from messing with that.

Back into the interwebs I go! the time you read this…

Plane taking off in the sunset
Leaving’ on a jet plane!

dun dun duuuuuuun!

That title sounds way more ominous than ‘Leaving’ on a jet plane’ so forgive me (I’m a writer), but by the time you read this, I will be leaving on a jet plane.

To where you ask, kind readers? Why to do some research for the latest case book: Principessa.

Ok, not entirely true, but I had this trip to Rome booked back in January to meet up with my good friend Quade for a week of food, fun, and catching up. As I was planning the trip, I started writing casebook 7, and lo and behold, Portia Adams has found herself travelling to Italy! What a happy coincidence. Maybe someday if I ever make a few bucks off this venture, I can claim the trip as research?

We’ll see.

Regardless, it is off to Rome I go, and hopefully I will come back with some great stories to share and some beautiful scenes committed to paper!

CaseBook Titles

bunch of books on their sides
a series in order!

Ok, don’t laugh, but as I write casebook 7 of the Portia Adams Adventures, I am forgetting the order. How is that possible you ask? Sigh, editing, re-editing, transcribing, re-reading, and re-ordering… its bound to make a girl confused.
So here is an ordered list of the completed casebooks in the series:

1. Jewel of the Thames
2. A case of darkness
3. Unfound
4. Thrice Burned
5. Box 850
6. Truth be told (title picked by the faithful readers of this blog!)
7. Principessa (tentative)
8. Settling the Score (title picked by the faithful readers of this blog!)