The end of an edition: Fierce Ink is no more

fierceAs many of you know, I have had a uniquely fantastic experience with my Canadian publishers, Fierce Ink Press.  Based out of Halifax and run by wonderful people who cared about me and my characters, I was determined that any Portia Adams book I ever wrote would be published first, here in Canada, by Fierce.

Sadly, the indie publishing industry is a harsh climate, and after a mere four years, Fierce Ink is closing up shop.

This means that starting very soon, this edition of the first three Portia books with their magnificent Emma Dolan covers will not be available at all while I seek a new publisher. 

If you want to buy this (now Limited) edition, I am supplying some local Toronto indie bookstores with copies or you can order them directly from me.

Even then, I’m sure the new publisher will want to edit the books, and will get new covers designed. My hope is that we can coordinate a new edition launch with book 4’s publication, but who knows what will happen.

I’m very sad for myself and for the Canadian publishing industry because Fierce produced some great books, and like I’ve always said, set a standard for how to treat authors that I’m not sure I will find anywhere else (at least according to every other author I’ve spoken to).

Hopefully the humans who worked at Fierce will be able to employ those skills I loved them for somewhere in the publishing network, but regardless, I wish them the very best, and thank them so much for bringing Portia into the world.

We have a publisher!

Fierce Ink Press' News release!
Fierce Ink Press’ News release!

After months of writing, rewriting and over 50 query letters, I can finally announce that we have a publisher for the Portia Adams Adventures!

Fierce Ink Press based out of Halifax is the press, and I am thrilled to be working with them.

Release date is currently scheduled for March 2014 for Jewel of the Thames, so we are busily working on edits, book covers, illustrations (I KNOW!) and extras for pre-orders.

Thank you so much for your support blogosphere and followers, I really appreciate it!

First submission is away!

Crossing Fingers
Keep Crossing Fingers

My heart was in my throat, but I handed my package containing the first edited chapter of Book 1 to the kind lady at the Canada Post office today. It cost $2.10 to send it to the first publishing house. I can’t believe it was that cheap, but I seriously fought hand-delivering it myself because I thought it might seem desperate/creepy/annoying.

Now I wait.

Oh, and do this 10 more times for another 10 publishers.