Authors for Indies day in Canada

Outside BookCity at St. Clair & Yonge!
Outside BookCity at St. Clair & Yonge!

Very excited to be participating in Authors for Indies this year, so if you’re looking for my recommended book(shelves) come on down to Book City at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto!

I’ll be there all morning with a bunch of fellow authors showing people around.

The idea is simple: authors owe a lot to our independent local bookstores and this is our one day a year to <officially> show our appreciation!

A thank you for the writer’s circle that is the internet

That’s us! A bunch of otters floatin’ around the sea holding hands!
This has been one of those weeks wherein I have been blessed with both a bunch of support when I needed it AND was able to provide support to other writers at the same time. At least three times this week I have said to someone that the community of writers and readers I have become a part of online is one of the best I have experienced in my life.

Looking back through my posts, it seems like the only time I say thank you to this community is when I or someone I know wins an award.

Not so today. This is my thank you for your support, comments, critiques, and for sharing your writing with me. You all continue to inspire me to be a better writer and blogger.

Jump-starting this truck to blow through the land of DisCourage

Jumper cables
Hook me up people!

My poor purple moleskin notebook that holds CaseBook 7 has become a pariah in my house since I returned from Italy. I’ve been moving very slowly through the evil land of DisCourage.

So far I’ve combated this debilitating landscape by reading more (if you can’t write, at least keep feeding that part of your brain my favorite English teacher once told me), rewriting some dialogue from older case books, and reading all the blogs I follow religiously.

I guess it’s positive that in 50-odd blog post this is the first discouraging one I’ve written, but there you are. My hope is that by getting this out and into written form, it will jump start the writing again. Cross your fingers friends and point the direction out of here please!