Sergeant Michaels

Brendan Coyle
After watching the BBC’s North & South for the first time, I know who I’d pick to play Sergeant Michaels if he was cast today. Brendan Coyle. He is also on Downton Abbey, and he is just riveting on screen.



Revisions, revisions, revisions

Revisions, revisions, revisions
Reading Book 2 through for the first time in a few months: “Hey… this isn’t half bad…!”

So, if you hadn’t read at some point in this blog, Book 1 of A Portia Adams Adventure went through several versions before making it into your local bookstore.
Fourteen versions to be exact.
And since I wrote books 1,2 and 3 in quick succession, this means that version 1 of book 2 is a little out-of-step with the 14th version of book 1.
In plain English, I need to update everything in book 2 AND find a more compelling story arc to wrap around these next three casebooks. Oh, and having learned so much in the versioning and re-versioning of Jewel of the Thames, I need to look for some of my tells (like my habit of ‘saying’ something instead of ‘describing’ something) and fix them.
That’s where I am in the writing process.
I feel like I just climbed a huge mountain (publishing book 1), skipped down the other side (book launch, love from friends,family and fans) and at the bottom, looked up to see another huge mountain in front of me.
So who’s with me for another climb?

Baker St. or Bust Blog Tour

Baker St. or Bust Blog Tour
Get on the tour and win yourself an e-copy of the book!

I would have posted this list sooner, but I’ve been bouncing all over the globe as you know. Portia and Jewel of the Thames are touring too – through the blogosphere – check out the schedule of events below!

March 17 Canlit for Little Canadians — Review

March 18 Canlit for Little Canadians — Q&A
March 19 Nayu’s Reading Corner — Review and Guest post
March 20 Escape Through the Pages — Review
March 20 Jalyn Ely — Review
March 21 Book Angel Booktopia — Spotlight Post
March 23 Glamorous Book Lounge — Review
March 24 The Tales Compendium — Review
March 25 Christine Plouvier, Novelist — Guest Post
March 26 Bookish Comforts — Review
March 26 The Fly Leaf Review — Review
March 27 Liberty Falls Down — Review
March 27 Miss Page Turner — Review
March 28 Miss Page Turner — Q&A
March 31 Rami Ungar The Writer — Q&A
April 2 L.S. Engler — Q&A
April 3 So Here’s Us — Guest Post
April 3 A Book Drunkard — Review

HUGE thanks to all the bloggers who are participating, you’re all FANTASTIC!!